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Texturas Fizzy 300g

Texturas Fizzy 300g

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  • Product Description

    Texturas Fizzy, Full of Wonder.

    Fizzy is a product with an effervescent effect in the shape of long thick granules. It has a neutral flavour with a hint of citric, which allows it to be combined with any number of flavours and ingredients.
    • They can be consumed in the usual way (directly or dissolved in water), though we also recommend a selection of uses:
      • Bathe them whole in chocolate or caramel
      • Or grind them into a powder and mix them with other ingredients, such as fruit or sorbets. 
    • Makes a great fizzy sugar that can add texture to desserts, orange biscuits that when coated in chocolate give a new twist on petit fours.


    Recipe - Effervescent Lime Sugar


    • 500g Caster Sugar
    • 200g Water
    • 100 g Fizzy
    • Grated Peel of 2 limes



    1. Place the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat to 130º C then remove from the heat and allow the mixture’s temperature to rise to 140º C by its natural heat-generating reaction
    2. Add Fizzy and the grated lime peel.Stir with a spatula to dissolve thoroughly. Extend the mixture quickly in a baking tray lined with Silicon baking sheet – the sugar will begin to rise as a result of the effervescence
    3. After a few seconds the sugar will crystallise and form a rock. Cut slices with a knife once the sugar has cooled


    Suitable for vegetariansvegans and coeliacs.


    Sugar (54.5%), Acidity regulator: sodium bicarbonate (E-500) (20,46%), Acidity: Citric Acid (E330) (20,46%), glucose syrop (4,54%), lemon natural flavours (traces). 

    Allergens highlighted in BOLD.

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