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  • Senso Spoon 9.2cm

    Senso Spoon 9.2cm

    Crystal clear spoon with a unique design. A beautiful, contemporary spoon specifically designed for serving tasters or small portions on. An elegant way to serve canapes, this clear spoon is totally food safe.  

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  • Skewers - Bamboo Deli Sticks x 50

    DELI STICKS - 50pcs

    Deli Sticks. Part of our Skewers Range. Brilliant for food displays and serving counters, therefore ideal for labeling your food at dinner parties, in restaurants and many more places. Perfect for Cheese Boards, Salad Displays, Buffets etc...

    £2.39 inc. vat
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  • Black Willow Spoon 155mm

    Black Willow Spoon - 15cm

    Wooden Spoon. Part of the Black Willow Range. A fantastic natural wooden texture that really brings out the visual appeal and enhance any occasion. Can be used to present canapes, sauces, dressings, or to just simply eat your meals with. Made...

    £1.07 inc. vat
    £0.89 ex. vat
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  • Skewers - Bamboo Buffet Forks 90mm x 100

    BUFFET FORKS - 90mm x 100pcs

    Buffet Forks. A novel stick with an attractive heart shaped end. Ideal for use when having your favourite takeaway dishes such as fish and chips or sushi. Also the perfect eating tool for enjoying heavier canapes and larger finger foods at...

    £2.99 inc. vat
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  • Bamboo Whisk Mini 130mm


    Mini Bamboo Whisk.  A mini whisk made from bamboo, perfect for presentation and mixing. Made from durable, sustainable bamboo making this both strong and environmentally friendly.  Can also be used to mix your teas, condiments...

    £0.71 inc. vat
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  • Bamboo Tea Spoons 110mm x 100

    Bamboo Tea Spoons

    Biodegradable Bamboo Spoons. Fun disposable wooden bamboo teaspoons to use for buffets, canapes and even ice cream. An excellent environmentally friendly alternative to plastic spoons. Ideal for use as tasting spoons in both domestic and...

    £3.59 inc. vat
    £2.99 ex. vat
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  • Skewers - Bamboo Lan Ga Kushi Fork 100mm - 140mm

    LAN GA KUSHI - 100mm x 100pcs

    Lan Ga Kushi. Part of our Skewers Range.  Beautiful bamboo skewers in the shape of a tuning fork which are ideal for various types of food management. Perfect for pinching meat, cheese, fruit or even for picking up your grilled meats from...

    £2.03 inc. vat
    £1.69 ex. vat
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  • Spoon Alpha Tasting


    Stainless Steel Tasting Spoon By Pordamsa. The perfect way to enjoy Amuse Bouches, Pre Starters, Desserts, Finger Buffets & Canapés. An essential item for any professional kitchen, how else...

    £3.83 inc. vat
    £3.19 ex. vat
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  • FISH FORKS - 95mm x 100pcs

    FISH FORKS - 95mm x 100pcs

    Fun Fish Forks.  These disposable wooden forks are beautifully shaped in a silhouette of a fish. Fun and unusual small wooden fish shaped forks perfect for canapés, fish and chips and more. Serve up at any event, for example a kids'...

    £7.19 inc. vat
    £5.99 ex. vat
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