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  • Paco Torreblanca


    One Of The Best Pastry Books Written. Contains sections on plated desserts, cakes, sugar & Isomalt decorations, chocolate, ice creams, artistic compositions and traditional doughs. All based on the 30 year career of this Relais Dessert member...

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  • Note by Note Cooking - Herve This

    Note-By-Note Cooking : The Future of Food

    A Landmark In The Annals Of Gastronomy. Liberating cooks from the constraints of traditional ingredients and methods through the use of pure molecular compounds. Note-by-note cooking promises to add unadulterated nutritional value to dishes of all...

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  • Sugarworks Paco Torreblanca

    Sugarworks Paco Torreblanca

    Sugar Work Collection.  This is undoubtedly the most personal and creative book that Paco Torreblanca has ever written. The master chef forges a new path in the conception of artistic pieces in pastry making. Torreblanca’s hands give...

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  • Bouchon Bakery - Thomas Keller


    Thomas Keller was voted Best California Chef in 1996, and Best Chef in America in 1997 by the James Beard FoundationBaked goods that are marvels of ingenuity and simplicity from the famed Bouchon Bakery. The tastes of childhood have always been a...

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  • SALE


    Unleash Your Creativity. A collaboration of seven of Spain's finest pastry chefs: Jordi Pujol, Jacob Torreblanca, Oriol Balaguer, Miguel Sierra, Carles Mampel, Ramon Morato & Paco Torreblanca all combine to bring you ideas and recipes...

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  • Modern Gastronomy


    Dictionary Of Present Day Cooking. This book puts equal emphasis on the nature of ingredients, their reactions and the processes they undergo to create the final product. The books' format...

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  • Building a Meal - Herve This

    Building a Meal - Herve This

    A classic great read An internationally renowned chemist, popular television personality, and bestselling author, Herve This heads the first laboratory devoted to molecular gastronomy; the scientific exploration of cooking and eating. By...

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