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Chocolate, Petit Four & Sweet Making

  • Pistachio Paste 1kg (Sevarome)

    Sevarome Pistachio Paste 1kg

    Perfect For Fillings.  Ideal for adding to your patisserie products such as eclairs and macaroons. Use in bonbons, mousses and ice cream. Size: 1kg.   Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs...

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  • FIZZ WHIZ Cherry Space Dust

    Fizz Wiz Cherry Space Dust

    Popping Fun.  Remember Space Dust? Fizz Wiz Cherry, is the same popping candy. Put it in your mouth and feel the power of the exploding candy. Comes in two other flavours: strawberry and cola...

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  • Coconut Milk Chaokoh 400ml

    Coconut Milk Chaokoh 400ml

    Versatile & Nutritious.  Coconut milk is the liquid that comes from the grated flesh of a brown coconut. It should not be confused with coconut water. The colour and rich taste of coconut milk can be attributed to the high oil content...

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  • Ground Almonds

    Ground Almonds 1kg

    Full Of Flavour & Goodness. Ideal in both sweet and savoury recipes for a delicious nutty texture and good source of healthy fats. Size: 1kg.   Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.  Ingredients: ALMONDS. Allergens are...

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  • Green Peeled Pistachio Nuts 500g

    Green Peeled Pistachios 1kg

    Ideal For Both Sweet & Savoury Dishes. Green peeled pistachio nuts are first shelled, then skinned, exposing their stunning colour. Excellent in ice creams, desserts, pates and terrines. Size: 1kg...

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  • Beetroot Powder 700g

    Beetroot Powder 700g

    Natural Red Food Colouring. Produced from washed, trimmed red beetroot, which is diced, dehydrated and milled to fine powder.  It has a slightly sweet taste and is an ideal substitute for artificial red food colourings. Delicious addition to...

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  • Sosa Glow Powder 100g Sosa - Glow - 50g

    Sosa - Glow - 50g

    Glow In The Dark. Made with entirely natural ingredients you dissolve 2g of glow powder into 1l of liquid. When your liquid comes close to a UV light it glows amazing colours in the dark. Perfect for drinks in bars and superb theatre. Size: 50g...

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