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Texturas Yopol 400g

Texturas Yopol 400g

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  • Product Description

    Texturas Yopol, Alternative to Fresh Yoghurt. 

    Yopol is powdered yoghurt that brings a unique flavour to all preparations where it is difficult to use fresh yoghurt.

    • One of the ingredients for microwave sponge, that gives it a natural distinct flavour. Try microwave sponge dehydrated as an alternative to crisp meringue.
    • Yopol can be use to prepare mixture with Lyo fruit and yoghurt flavour, sweets and crunchies, biscuits and other doughs.
    • You can also make yoghurt crunchies or fruit yogurt.

    Recipe - Microwave Sponge.

    • 60g Yopol 
    • 60g Ground almonds
    • 20g Malto 
    • 20g Self Raising flour
    • 300g Pasteurised egg whites
    • 1x profi whipper
    • 3x N2O canisters
    1. Mix all ingredients together and add egg white to achieve a smooth mix and pass through medium strainer
    2. Place in profi whipper and charge with 3 N20 canisters. Rest in fridge for at least 30 minutes
    3. Half fill a plastic cup and bake in 800W microwave for approx. 45 seconds. Batter should rise and fill cup and appear dry
    4. Leaves an aerated sponge. Can be flavoured with almost anything. Great dehydrated as an alternative to meringue


    Suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.


    Vegetable oil (hydrogenated), powdered yoghurt, modified starch, sugar, milk protein, powered skimmed milk, citric acid (E330), authorised aromas (A05009).

    Allergens highlighted in BOLD.

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