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Texturas Lyo (Freeze Dried) Grosella-Whole Blackcurrants 150g

Texturas Lyo (Freeze Dried) Blackcurrants Whole 150g

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    Texturas Lyo Sabores - Freeze Dried Blackcurrant's  

    Simply freeze dried from selected finest ingredients these fruits are bursting with flavour. Can be used as direct toppings for both savoury and sweet dishes. Try adding to biscuits, tuilles, sponges etc for that something different or just nibble on their own for a real healthy snack. No added preservatives, colours or flavours... just pure fruit. Product: Lyo Grosella (Black Currant, freeze-dried) Custom Code: 0813.4095 Description: produced from black currant, cleaned, deep-frozen pitted, and freeze-dried. Colour: natural, dark. Cut/Size: whole berries, diameter ca. 5-12 mm Additives: none

    LyoSabores is a new line of lyofilised products created by Albert and Ferran Adrià. Selected from the finest natural ingredients from which the water has been totally extracted, while keeping their original flavour, aroma and colour. They are vacuum packed products with no preservatives so that you can enjoy their full quality and nutritional value. They can be used directly for topping savoury and sweet dishes (salads, ice creams, desserts, etc.), in the preparation of sweets and biscuits or rehydrated to obtain the desired texture and sweetness in different preparations. They can also be eaten as snacks, alone or mixed with milk or yoghurt.

    How to make; Lyoblackcurrant dry meringue

    For the 60% syrup

    • 200g water
    • 120g sugar



    1. Mix the two ingredients in a saucepan and bring to the boil.


    For the blackcurrant meringue

    • 150g water
    • 50g pasteurised egg white
    • 100g 60% syrup
    • 12g powdered egg white
    • 10g powdered Lyoblackcurrant



    1.  In the bowl of the electric blender add the water, the pasteurised egg white, the powdered egg white and the syrup.
    2. Beat lightly and leave to rehydrate for 5 min.
    3. Whip the meringue for 8 min and when it is quite compact add powdered Lyoblackcurrant and stir for 2 min for it to dissolve well and take on a pretty purple colour.
    4. Make small irregular shapes of meringue and put in the dehydrator for 8 hours at 45 °C.
    5. (This meringue can also be eaten cold * All the preparations can be made with any kind of Lyofruit, but the structural weight and the strength of the taste must be borne in mind).


    Ref: TEX23

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