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Texturas Citras,Buffer Salt 600g

Texturas Citras,Buffer Salt 600g

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    Texturas Citras (Buffer Salt) - Albert & Ferran Adria

    Citras is a product made from sodium citrate, obtained mainly from citrus. It has the property of reducing the acidity of foods, and therefore makes it possible to achieve spherical preparations with strongly acidic ingredients. Citras dissolves easily and acts immediately. Citras is also highly water soluble and is sold as a refined powder. Part of the Texturas range of products.

    • DESCRIPTION White granular crystals or a white crystalline powder; slightly deliquescent in moist air, freely soluble in water, practically insoluble in ethanol (96%). Trisodium citrate dehydrate (C6H5Na3O72H2O) is a tribasic salt of citric acid. Produced by complete neutralization of citric acid with high purity sodium hydroxide or carbonate and subsequent crystallization.
    • IDENTIFICATION / COMPOSITION: Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate 100% CAS Nº: 6132-04-3 EC-No. 200-675-3 E NUMBER: E331 iii
    • ASPECT Refined powder. Clear and colourless. Highly water soluble. Practically odourless.
    • PROPERTIES Product made from sodium citrate obtained mainly from citrics it is usually used in the food industry to prevent darkening of cut fruits and vegetables.
    • APPLICATIONS It has the property to reduce the acidity on foods, reason why it use makes possible the obtaining of "spherics" preparations with ingredients of excessive acidity. Quick dissolution and instant action.
    • STORAGE Storage away from heat and moisture, preferably at a temperature inferior to 25ºC and at about 65% relative humidity.
    • Ref: TEX03

    Recipe -Mango Ravioli

    • 250g mango puree
    • 1,250g water
    • 1.8g Algin
    • 1.3g Citras
    • 5g Calcic
    1. Method
    2. Blend the Citras with 250g of water. Add the Algin and blend once more then bring to a boil and allow to cool. Once cool mix with the mango puree
    3. Blend 1000g of water with Calcic
    4. Pour the contents of a dosing spoon full of the mango and Algin mixture into this Calcic bath, leave for 2 minutes and wash in cold water. Repeat until all of the ravioli are made
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    Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate 100%, CAS Nº: 6132-04-3, EC-No. 200-675-3, E NUMBER: E331 iii

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