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Punto MX

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    Punto MX.

    The ideal book for Mexican cuisine. It contains 125 creations (that includes 41 bases and 20 cocktails), 342 elaborations, 79 processes with their step-by-step pictures, and 800 photos. Throughout more than 42.000 words, Roberto Ruiz reveals in MX the keys of a unique culinary project using bases, techniques and products. Solid and liquid cuisine go together to demonstrate how a true and ancient Mexico, far away from all topics, becomes to an absolutely contemporary proposal. All with European processes, Spanish ingredients with a high quality, and even ‘hybrids’. One of the 79 step-by-step processes shows this millenary technique (nixtamalisation), as well as the remaining steps to follow to obtain the tortillas.

    ‘This book has a lot to get your teeth into’, says in advance Jãvi Antoja de la Rosa, editor-in-chief of the book and of Montagud Editores’ publishing projects. ‘We needed to spend six pages only for the indices!’ The work of Roberto Ruiz, Martin Eccius and María Fernández leading the universe of Punto MX is huge, useful… and difficult. ‘‘There are times when all of this reminds me of the tangram’, the chef explains, in relation to his project. ‘You have to create one shape, and then another, and another using a limited number of pieces.’ .MX, the book, solves the puzzle for everyone who wants to dive in the real and contemporary Mexican cuisine. 

    • Hardback
    • ISBN: 9788472121737
    • Pages: 448
    • Published: 2018
    • Language: English/Spanish






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