Pregel - Gluten Free Mirror Glaze - Strawberry 3kg - Infusions

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Pregel - Gluten Free Mirror Glaze - Strawberry 3kg

Pregel - Gluten Free Mirror Glaze - Strawberry 3kg

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  • Product Description

    A glossy and transparent glaze, ideal to protect the cakes giving an incomparable brightness, and leaving visible what is underneath. 

    Evolution Glaze preGel is a range created for the discerning pastry chef to assist in the presentation of your creations 
    High quality products, perfect for elegantly coating all kinds of creations, whether pies, cakes, semifreddos or mousses. 

    These products perfectly cover the surface and edges of the cake, have a mild flavor that does not overpower the flavour of the cake, while its colour remains bright and for a long time. 
    It does not freeze and during the thawing phase it is perfectly aggregative, allowing a clean cut and without run-off of the cake. 

    All Evolution Glaze products are gluten-free. 

    Easy and quick to use 
    Guaranteed result 
    Obtains a smooth and perfectly mirrored brightness even with at fridge temperature. 

    How to use: 
    1) Heat the glaze in the microwave or in a water bath at the temperature (40ºC to 45ºC) indicated on the package, stirring the minimum necessary and taking care not to create air bubbles. 
    2) Remove the previously unmoulded cake from the freezer or fridge ready to cover it with the shine. 
    3) Before pouring remove any ice particles if using a frozen product
    4) Pour the glaze on from the center to the outer edges
    5) Level delicately and quickly.


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