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Mothers Day - The Perfect Sunday Roast - Lamb

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The old adage about closer to the bone sweeter the meat is no better underestimated than with lamb, most people like a leg of lamb but I have to say my favourite has to be the shoulder as the bone and layers of fat that help baste the meat always leaves people wanting more. A half shoulder of lamb will easily feed 6 people.

For the Roast Lamb

3 stalks of rosemary

2 cloves of garlic

2 tbsp Essential Cuisine powdered lamb stock

3 tbsp olive oil

3 twists of black pepper

4 onions peeled and halved with the root still attached.

With a sharp knife cut the garlic cloves into 3. Then make deep slashes in the top of the shoulder about 12 would be enough. Push the garlic into 6 of these holes spread over the shoulder. Mix the lamb stock and olive oil into a paste and rub this over the shoulder . then cut the rosemary in half and place these 6 pieces into the remaining holes.

In a roasting dish lay the halved onions on the base then place the shoulder of lamb upon them.

Season with the cracked pepper then place in a pre heated oven on 170c for 2 hours . allow the meat to rest for 20 min then remove onto a board for carving, don’t throw the onions away as they have been cooked in the fat from the lamb and make a great vegetable for the plate.

Perfect Roast Potatoes 

Good potatoes for roasting, not too waxy and not too starchy a king Edward is a perfect roasting potato. Peel the potatoes and cut to roughly the same size . par boil these in salted water until a knife will just pierce them, drain and allow to cool upon a cooling rack , best left in the fridge overnight uncovered to start to dry out, these will make great crispy roast potatoes .

3 stalks of rosemary

2 cloves of garlic

20g salt

50g butter

150g vegetable oil.

Now place the oil onto a roasting tray and in to a hot oven @190c for 25 min, meanwhile chop the rosemary and garlic to a fine dust and mix with the salt reserve this for later. Add your potatoes to the hot fat, moving them around the tray to start with then leave them be for 30 min, when they have started to colour nicely add the diced butter and rosemary and garlic salt over the potatoes and allow to finish cooking for a further 20 min . they should be smelling amazing and crunchy with fluffy insides.

Horseradish Vinegar Mint Sauce

30g fresh garden mint

20g horseradish vinegar

10g white wine vinegar

5g caster sugar

Finely chop the mint and add the vinegars, sprinkle the sugar until it suits your palette. Reserve for at least 30 min before serving for the flavors to develop.

Perfect Mothers Day Drink

Simple and packed full of flavor, why not try prosseco with 10ml of our elderflower cordial mixed in for that fresh floral note

Non-alcoholic drink? why not try our ginger fresher with a twist of fresh lemon zest and coat the glass rim with maple sugar.


For mother’s day nothing beats a great trifle. Sad to say but sometimes these are classics for a reason, this version can be quite boozy but you can always replace the alcohol with strawberry juice .

Serves 6

150g strawberries

150g raspberries

100g fraise de bois

100g sloe vodka liquor

200g water

120g castor sugar

5 leaves of bronze gelatine

For the base

400g of amoretti biscuits

100g butter melted

For the custard

200g double cream

100g whole milk

60g castor sugar

8 egg yolks

2 tea spoons vanilla paste

25g corn flour

For the top

150g double cream

20g icing sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla paste

In a 20cm by 20cm square tin, spray liberally with tren wax .

Crush the amoretti biscuits into a powder and add the melted butter.

Spread this over the base of the tin and refrigerate.

Cut the strawberries in half lengthways.

On top of the cooled biscuit base place a row of raspberries followed by strawberries and repeat until the base of the tin is covered.

Soak the gelatine in cold water until bloomed.

Warm water, sugar and alcohol together then add the bloomed gelatine.

Let this dissolve and set aside to allow to start cooling.

Pour the jelly mix over the fruit and refrigerate until set.

Place milk, cream into a thick bottomed pan and scold.

In a bowl place egg yolks, corn flour, sugar and vanilla paste and beat together lightly.

Pour over the scolded milk/cream mix and stir in.

Return to a clean pan, and heat gently continually stirring until very thick.

Pass through a fine sieve.

Allow to cool.

Pour over the set jelly and allow to set.

Whip the cream, vanilla and icing sugar together and then place in a piping bag with star nozzle.

Pipe florets on the set custard then decorate with fruits of the forest crispies and chocolate pop rocks.


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