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Miramar - Paco Perez

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    The most significant stories from these decades of work will be looked at in depth over the 320 pages of this book and the TECHNIQUES from which they stemmed will be examined. The sources of inspiration from which Paco Pérez has drawn to create them will also be reproduced. In short, Miramar. Paco Pérez describes how Memory, Surroundings and the Avant-garde trigger an incredible cascade of creativity that makes flavours happen.

    The restaurant around which Paco Pérez has created a small culinary empire - with no less than 5 Michelin stars - is a rather unusual place because it is nourished by a family that feels true love for its craft. What started out, over seven decades ago, as a little beach bar is now a temple of exciting tastes where fine food is revered. From the sea to the forest via street snacks from all over the world. Paco Pérez relinquishes nothing because he wants everything. And that happens simply because he wants his customers to enjoy their food. By telling edible stories, but in his own way, of course. He is aware that he has taken a difficult route for telling all those stories in Lançà: namely, that of the Avant-garde. He knows that it is a path that has always existed, that it is one that narrows for those who use its name in vain. He walks the path thinking about how to do it in a fun way. To engage with it, he puts himself in the shoes of a young child. At the end of the day, what he aims to do is create Gastronomy, as he understands it. And that, reflected at Miramar. Paco Pérez, is simply the embodiment of Memory, Surroundings and the Avant-garde. 

    • Hardback
    • ISBN: 978-84-7212-159-1
    • Pages: 320
    • Published: November 2017
    • Language: English/Spanish




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