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Bread Making

  • Bread Improver 500g

    Bread Improver 500g

    Transform Your Bread! Bread improver, sometimes referred to as dough conditioner, is used by professional bakers to enhance dough stability and loaf volume. Ratios per 1kg of flour are: Crusty Roll: 20g (2%) Soft Roll: 15g...

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    The All Purpose Italian Wheat Flour. 00 Pasta flour is finer and softer than regular 0 flour, its high in protein and easy to roll into different pasta shapes. Perfect for use in Italian dishes like pasta and...

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  • Rice Cones 2.5kg

    Rice Cones 2.5kg

    Versatile Rice. Rice cones are produced by milling rice into a coarse flour. They are widely used to dust fish before applying batter. A light application of rice cones onto wet fish helps absorb excess moisture...

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  • Flour - Marriages Manitoba 16kg


    Marriages. The Master Millers. A large sack of flour, perfect for restaurants and bakeries. The ultimate flour for fermentation baking. Exceptionally strong. Milled from Canadian Spring wheat. Size: 16kg.   Suitable for vegetarians and...

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  • Flour - Pakenham Mill Wholemeal 1.5kg Pakenham Mill Wholemeal Flour

    Pakenham Mill Wholemeal Flour

    Perfect For Bakers. The only working water mill in Suffolk is at Pakenham and has been there for almost 1,000 years, kept alive by the Suffolk Building Preservation Trust. We fully support the work they are doing and because of this would...

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  • Marriages Breadwinner flour for baking

    Marriage's Breadwinner Flour 16kg

    Marriage's. The Master Millers. A white, untreated flour perfect for bread making.  Size: 16kg.    Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  Ingredients: Flour (WHEAT flour, calcium, iron, niacin, thiamin). Allergens...

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  • YEAST DRIED 125g

    YEAST DRIED 125g

    Essential Ingredient For Handbaked Bread. For the finest quality and perfect rise, look no further than this dried active yeast which gives great lift every time.  Compressed yeast from which the moisture has been removed. Needs to be...

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