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  • Ginto Glass Bottle 20cl

    Ginto Glass Bottle 20cl

    A traditional style glass beer bottle ready to be filled with your tasty homebrew, freshly squeezed juice or anything else..... • Volume: 20cl • Size: 180mm Lids sold seperately Ginto Glass Bottle Caps x100 along with a handy...

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  • Skewers - Bamboo Deli Sticks x 50

    Skewers - Bamboo Deli Sticks x 50

    Deli Sticks. Part of our Skewers Range. Brilliant for food displays and serving counters, therefore ideal for labeling your food at dinner parties, in restaurants and many more places. Perfect for Cheese Boards, Salad Displays, Buffets etc...

    £2.39 inc. vat
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  • Skewers - Bamboo Buffet Forks 90mm x 100

    Skewers - Bamboo Buffet Forks

    Buffet Forks. A novel stick with an attractive heart shaped end. Ideal for use when having your favourite takeaway dishes such as fish and chips or sushi. Also the perfect eating tool for enjoying heavier canapes and larger finger foods at...

    £2.99 inc. vat
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  • Dry Ice 5 - 50kg Dry Ice 5 - 50kg

    Dry Ice - 2.5 - 30KG

    I4C are pleased to supply food grade dry ice pellets, shipped in polystyrene containers. We offer 9mm pellets preferred by chefs as the ice is more refined and is ideally suited for making ice creams and adding to food, it is also used in drinks and...

    £49.19 inc. vat
    £40.99 ex. vat
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  • Skewers - Ball Coloured 100 x 110mm

    Skewers - Ball Coloured 110mm

    Ball Coloured. Part of our Skewers Range.  These skewers are ideal for canapes, amuse, or anything unsuitable for fingers. Delicate bamboo skewers with a solid ball at the end. Available in a range of colours: Ruby, Emerald or Aquamarine...

    £29.52 inc. vat
    £24.60 ex. vat
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  • Skewers - Heart 90mm x 100

    Skewers - Wing Heart 9cm

    Winged Heart. Part of our Skewer Range. Superb skewers with a tasteful heart shape that adds a great finishing touch to your plates presentation. This environmentally friendly skewer is perfect for use in canape's, or to toast your...

    £4.19 inc. vat
    £3.49 ex. vat
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  • Dry Ice Cage Dry Ice Cage

    Dry Ice Cage

    The Ice Cage is designed for use in a wide range of applications to create bespoke smoke effects. It is intended to be unobtrusive by being submerged in any viable container of warm liquid - limited only by the imagination. (If you propose  to use a...

    £7.19 inc. vat
    £5.99 ex. vat
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