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Autumn Flavours

As the temperature cools and leaves turn vibrant shades of orange, autumn brings with it a host of delicious and comforting ingredients. Take advantage of the season by incorporating popular autumnal ingredients into your meals, such as pumpkin, apples and mushrooms.

  • Pumpkins are a versatile ingredient that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. For instance, make a delicious pumpkin pie with a flaky crust, roasted pumpkin soup or spicy pumpkin curry.
  • Apples are another popular autumn ingredient. They can be eaten fresh, cooked, or baked. Perfect for a warming apple crumble with custard or apple pie with cinnamon spice.
  • Mushrooms offer a variety of flavours and textures and can be used in soups such as chicken and mushroom, hearty stews, and classic pies with a delicious pastry casing.

In recent years, autumn has become synonymous with pumpkin spice season. Indulge in the warming flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, all spice, and cloves by adding them to your pumpkin pie, latte, or baked goods.

Alternatively, chai spice is a delicious option that can be used in a variety of foods and drinks, such as chai spice muffins and baked oats. For those with a sweet tooth, the sweet and salty combination of salted caramel is a delectable option. Use it in your hot chocolates, ice cream, or baked goods for a cosy treat.

No matter how you choose to incorporate them, Infusions4chefs has the autumn ingredients and flavours you need to add warmth and comfort to your meals this season. 

  • Walnut Halves 1kg

    Walnut Halves - 1kg

    Walnut Halves.  Light amber walnut halves, a must have ingredient for your larder. Great for baking and a fantastic source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Size: 1kg.   Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Ingredients: WALNUTS...

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  • Craic - Activated Charcoal - 50g Craic - Activated Charcoal - 50g

    Craic - Activated Charcoal - 50g

    Very Versatile Product.  Activated charcoal or (carbon) has a wide range of uses from culinary to medical. Its uses include everything from filtering rum to make it the white variety, used to brush teeth to make them whiter, and also to help...

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  • Maple Syrup 330ml

    100% PURE MAPLE SYRUP 330g

    Delicious & Pure.  Perfect poured over ice cream or drizzled on to pancakes, waffles or porridge. Ideal for use in a wide variety of sweet and savoury recipes. Try brushing evenly on...

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  • Cinnamon Sticks 250g

    Cinnamon Sticks 250g

    Fragrant, Warm & Sweet. As one of the world's oldest spices, even being used by the Pharoahs, cinnamon comes from tropical, evergreen trees related to bay plants. Ideal in a range of sweet and savoury dishes from cakes to curries.  Perfect...

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  • Sosa Flavour Drop Caramel 50g


    Sosa. Arome Range. Add the characteristic, flavour and aroma of caramel to your creations. For professional use to improve and enrich your cuisine. Dosage of 2g per 1 kg = 70 drops. Comes with dosage pipette and atomiser. Size: 50g...

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  • Maple Syrup 1.25kg

    100% Pure Maple Syrup 1.25kg

    Perfect For Sweet & Savoury Recipes.  Delicious poured over ice cream or drizzled on to pancakes, waffles or porridge.  Try brushing evenly on filo pastry and layering a few sheets with your favorite spices and bake until you get sheets...

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