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Hendi Cream Whipper

£47.94 (inc vat) £39.95 (exc vat)
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  • Product Description

    This Cream Whipper is an indispensable tool for chefs, used to create instant foams, sauces and creams. Designed for use in professional kitchens, this 1litre cream whipper will help you become a molecular gastronomy whizz - you will make incredible textures without sacrificing intensity of flavour, as no cream or egg is needed to create volume.

    Suitable for making whipped cream as well as hot or cold 'espumas', sauces and mousses. In fact it will thicken anything with a high fat content or emulsifying properties. For cold liquids, keep the filled whipper in the fridge; for warm or hot liquids, rest in your sous vide water bath to keep warm.

    The siphon requires gas cartridges, also called chargers, to pressurise the chamber holding the liquid. SKU 12655 Carbon dioxide (CO2) for carbonation = Fizzy Drinks, Fizzy Fruit etc or SKU 12654 Nitrous Oxide N2O for foaming, marinating, and infusing. Each cartridge holds 8 g of gas. Two cartridges are typically sufficient to charge a 1Litre Cream Whipper. Use about 2% gas, or 8g of gas for every 400 g of liquid, more if the liquid is low in fat.


    Litre mm
    0.5 ø85 x (H) 235

    ø98 x (H) 330

    Dishwasher safe

    Stainless Steel


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