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Apicius #30 May 2018

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  • Product Description

    Apicius 30 goes the extra mile by setting itself an ‘even greater challenge’. Each of its pages puts dishes and restaurants under the microscope in a bid to provide a lasting educational experience.

    The in-depth analysis starts at the product level, exploring aspects often forgotten in the hustle and bustle of the modern restaurant industry. It continues among the pots and pans, sauces and stews. And it ends – if it can be said to end – with concepts that go beyond the notion of ‘concept’, such as the excitement and drive for excellence that is the heart and soul of any fine-dining restaurant. All of this is led by a team of five maestros whose work is outstanding and without precedent: Jordi Cruz (ABaC, 3 Michelin stars); Francis Paniego (El Portal del Echaurren, 2 Michelin stars); Ricard Camarena (Ricard Camarena Restaurant, 1 Michelin star); Javi Olleros (Culler de Pau, 1 Michelin star); and Luis Lera (Lera). Each, in his own way, is one of a kind. In its 224 pages and more than 41,000 words, Apicius 30 offers a meticulous explanation of creations by Jordi Cruz, a unique chef who blends talent with obstinacy to arrive at the profession’s loftiest peaks. Francis Paniego is credited with raising offal to new culinary heights in a double bid to advocate for sustainability while paying tribute to the land and memory. Unique stocks, exquisite broths, reinvented sauces… The technical prowess behind the success of Ricard Camarena continues to evolve, as explained step by step in Apicius 30. In turn, Javi Olleros, unarguably a leading light of Spanish gastronomy in general and Galician cuisine in particular, shows in the pages of Apicius 30 that in fine dining, it is possible to serve authentic ingredients that are almost still alive, with sensitivity and respect as a calling card. Woodcock, teal, duck, roe deer, squab… Game is taken to unexpected heights in the respectful and innovative dishes of Luis Lera, a selection of which are presented in this issue. What do they say about the authors of Apicius 30? About Jordi Cruz***. ‘He wants to entice and excite the appetite, not by overwhelming the palate, but through masterful combinations.’ Cristina Jolonch, food writer for La Vanguardia. About Luis Lera. ‘This is undeniably one of the greatest restaurants specialising in game in all of Spain. And it has been for many years.’ Carlos Maribona, food writer for ABC. About Francis Paniego**. ‘Flavours that are friendly, harmonious, familiar… dressed in the innovative style of a designer outfit.’ Rafael García Santos, food writer for Lo Mejor de la Gastronomía. About Javi Olleros*. ‘Javier Olleros’ kitchen is spilling over with fish and seafood, grains, vegetables and herbs that create endless nuances and demonstrate his commitment to producers, the environment and his diners’ health.’ Pilar Salas, food writer for Agencia EFE. About Ricard Camarena*. ‘Camarena knows how to build a world of his own, even going so far as to modernise some of the foundations of classic haute cuisine.’ José Carlos Capel, food writer for El País. 

    • Softback
    • ISBN: 9770169751389
    • Pages: 224
    • Published: 05/2018
    • Language: English




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